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Certificate of Deposit

Setting some money aside in an Availa Bank savings account is a smart idea. Investing in an Availa Bank Certificate of Deposit (CD) is even smarter. Availa offers certificates of deposit with lots of options. You choose the amount, term and interest payment method.

Ask your Availa banker for more information about the benefits of the following Availa Bank CDs. 

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Minimum Deposit $500 minimum deposit $500 minimum deposit
Terms Flexible terms available Flexible terms available
Withdrawals 10% withdrawal allowed annually at no penalty

Interest compounds semiannually. Receive your interest payment monthly, quarterly, or semiannually by direct deposit or check. If interest is paid by direct deposit or check, rather than compounded to the certificate, the annual percentage yield will be the same as the interest rate. Minimum opening balance $500. Penalty for early withdrawal. Additional deposits of at least $500 are allowed but deposits are limited to not exceed double the face amount during the CD term. One withdrawal without penalty of up to 10% of the principal each year.