We're here for you

We’re available to answer your questions. We’re available to assist you in opening accounts or applying for loans. We’re available to help you save for the future.  Being available to individuals and businesses is what sets us apart. It’s part of our name — Availa Bank. 


Coon Rapids

  • Jerome G Hagan
    • Jerome G Hagan
    • Senior Vice President & Coon Rapids Branch Manager
    • 712.999.6000

Council Bluffs – Downtown

Council Bluffs – Mall

  • Debra S Kennebeck
  • Austin C Diehm
    • Austin C Diehm
    • Council Bluffs Mall Assistant Manager & Electronic Banking Officer
    • 712.328.7607
  • Therese M Hoff
    • Therese M Hoff
    • Retail Banking Officer & Council Bluffs Mall Branch Manager
    • 712.322.3300

Fort Dodge



Webster City