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Availa Bank Testimonials

Curious about what Availa Bank can do for you? Check out these testimonials from some of our customers across Iowa! Soon you'll see, we're always AVAILAble for you!

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  • Availa Bank has friendly, knowledgeable people.

    I like small, family-oriented banks and the friendly, knowledgeable people at Availa Bank. They are always busy but take the time to help. I never feel rushed.

    - Mari Moreland
  • The support staff at Availa is excellent!

    Tender Years Daycare and Garbage Guys have had a working relationship with Availa Bank ever since they came to the Ankeny area. The support staff at Availa is excellent! They try to answer all my questions and if they can’t, they go out of their way to find someone who can.

    - Paula Eichinger
  • They have gone above and beyond any expectations.

    What initially made us interested in Availa was their friendliness and authentic interest in our business. Our initial experience was pleasant and friendly. I felt like I had known them for a long time. They have gone above and beyond any expectations that I had for bankers. I feel that they are almost part of our business in the sense that they are here to help it grow and be successful.

    - Joseph G. Rohan
  • Availa Bank appreciates my business.

    Bob and the staff in Holstein are like friends. They ask about family and how life is going when we enter the bank. They truly care about their clients and send cards during life events. Availa Bank appreciates my business with them and they support my business and me personally in the community.

    - Teresa Hunt
  • Availa is different from other banks.

    What I like best about banking with Availa is that when you call, you actually talk directly to someone and get good customer service. Availa is different from other banks because of the people and the customer service they provide by going above and beyond.

    - Michael Woten
  • Availa Bank helped us find the best fit for our business.

    Craig was very enthusiastic about helping us explore all options available to finance the purchase of The Community Orchard. He helped us find the best fit for our business. Craig has made multiple visits to check on progress at the orchard, as well as being a supportive customer. Craig and Dave made us feel like we were valued as customers at Availa Bank and made the process go very smoothly.

    - Dennis Stucky
  • Availa Bank is hometown friendly.

    I like that Availa Bank is hometown friendly. I have had the same loan officer for a long time and am always treated fairly. He has gone above and beyond to make sure that what we need done is taken care of. Availa is different than other banks because of the friendly staff that’s always polite and can call you by your name. You’re always made to feel welcome.

    - Rick Winegarden
  • Availa employees go above and beyond.

    Working with Availa for many years, I don’t recall any negative experience. Everyone from the lenders to tellers to management has always met expectations. I believe that security and protection of our assets is one of the most important factors when considering who to bank with. The security protocols at Availa are very good, but more importantly the employees are aware and responsive to potential security risks, taking the time to communicate with Seneca to ensure our assets are protected appropriately. Availa employees go above and beyond to learn who Seneca Foundry is and what we do to serve our customers.

    - Lori Mason
  • They listen to my concerns and future plans.

    My family has a long history with Availa Bank, so it was a very easy choice when it came time to decide who I wanted to bank with for my farming career. Don listens to my concerns and future plans, and I listen to his advice. Through all of that, I would say we have built a mutual trust between us. He is always accessible and helps when he can. With farming there is a lot of uncertainty, but with Don, he made the process easy every step of the way.

    - Ben Klocke
  • I don't know what a larger bank could offer.

    I don't know what a larger bank could offer that they don't. At the same time, they have all the benefits of a local bank. Being able to walk in or call and talk to someone who always takes care of any questions is great. They make everything simple and easy. 

    - Josh Brandt