Here For Our Communities —

Availa Foundation

Availa Bank cares about the communities we serve. We know the importance of lending a helping hand wherever and whenever it’s needed.

One such way we help those in need is through the Availa Foundation, which began as The Carroll County State Foundation in 1966. In 1987, the Citizens State Foundation was founded to assist the first Foundation. Then, in September of 2017, these two organizations merged and were renamed the Availa Foundation. This Foundation is 100% funded by Availa Bank and donations to qualified organizations are all approved by the Foundation’s directors.

Since its start, the Availa Foundation has contributed $3,513,009 to various entities in our branch communities. In 2021, as of September 30th, $138,190 has been donated to local causes.

To learn more about what the Availa Foundation does and who it helps, give us a call today!

Availa Kares