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Curious about all things banking? Browse our how-to videos to learn how to manage your personal and business accounts, start a savings plan, balance a checkbook and more! Financial education is the cornerstone of our mission statement: to empower our team to inspire and enable our clients and the communities we serve to achieve financial success. We’re available to answer your questions, so if something isn’t covered here, feel free to stop by or give one of our experienced bankers a call today! 

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How2 Use Mobile Deposit

How2 Use Bill Pay

How2 Protect Your Personal Information

How2 Use a Checkbook 

How2 Use Debit Cards

How2 Budget

How2 Use Mobile Pay

How2 Open a Checking or Savings Account

How2 Manage Your Account

How2 Switch Accounts

How2 Set Up Online Banking

How2 Use an ITM

How2 Check Savings Bonds

How2 Navigate the Homebuying Process

How2 Build Credit

How2 Complete a Wire Transfer

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